Where to Find the Lowest Prices on Halloween Candy

Don’t get tricked into buying expensive treats.

Everyone knows the day after Halloween is the best day to buy candy, because all the stores have epic sales to clear shelves for Christmas decorations — but where can you score the best candy deals for the big night?

We scoured the web to see which major retailers offer the best prices on candies that are perfect for dealing out to trick-or-treaters, or just having around the house for decorations (or snacking — tis the season). Here are your best bets:


The treats:

MARS Chocolate Favorites Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix, 135-piece bag

Skittles and Starburst Original Halloween Candy Bag, 65 fun size pieces

Nestle Halloween Candy Assorted Sugar Mix-Ups, 200 pieces

The tricks: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, take advantage of your two-day shipping. Make sure you’re ordering from the actual candy retailer not a third-party seller, which could be dangerous because it’s not packaged to the company’s same standards.


Use the coupon in the Cartwheel app and receive $5 off $30 in the Halloween Shop now through October 6th.

The treats:

MARS Chocolate Favorites, 245 count


Skittles and Starburst Halloween Assorted Bag, 180 count


Hershey’s Miniatures, 365 count


The tricks: Now through October 6th, receive $5 off of $30 in the Halloween Shop with the Cartwheel app. Don’t overlook the $5-and-under section in the front of the store! Not only do they have under-the-radar deals on adorable Halloween decorations you didn’t know you needed, but your local Target may also have some cheap candy in there, too.


The treats:

Skittles, Starburst, Life Saver Variety Pack, (Pack of 3) 92 count


Trolli Halloween Mix, 100 count


Hershey Halloween Variety Pack, 315 count


The tricks: Pay attention to the piece-count! While these variety bags cost around the same as others on the market, they’re pretty varied in terms of how many candies you’re getting. Leave no trick-or-treater behind, and make sure you’re getting as many candies as possible.

Sam’s Club

The treats:

MARS Chocolate Favorite Minis, 240 count


Skittles and Starburst Candy Bag, 255 count

$14.98 in store

Nestle Assorted Halloween Chocolate, 325 count

$14.84 in store

The tricks: These seasonal packs of fun-sized candy are perfect for trick-or-treaters, but don’t skip the regular bulk section of the store! If you don’t tend to get that many visitors, you can still get a great deal on a 36-pack of full-sized candy bars.

Smart and Final

The treats:

MARS Halloween Chocolate Variety Pack, 250 count or All Treats All Tricks, 450 count


MARS Halloween Chocolate Variety Pack, 100 count


Skittles Starburst Sweet N Sour Mix, 150 count


Party City

The treats:

MARS Chocolate Favorites, 40 count


Airheads Party Mix, 75 count


Grab Bag Mix, 130 count


The tricks: Party City offers a buy two, get one free promotion on specially marked bags of fun-size Halloween treats — so those might be your best bargain if you want a variety of treats from a one-stop shop. Sign up for promotional emails and receive 15% off of your online order.

Oriental Trading Company

The treats:

Charms Mini Pops, 300 count


Halloween Pretzel Packs, 48 count


Wonka Mix-Ups Assorted Candy, 200 count


The tricks: This candy haul might last you until Easter, so make sure you really need all that candy. This is a sweet option if you have Halloween parties planned and get trick-or-treaters at your house. Free shipping on orders of $39 or more.

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