$1.50 Ice Cream Scoop at Baskin Robbins

Who doesn’t love a deal on dessert? At Baskin Robbins you can satisfy that sweet tooth on a budget with a scoop of ice cream for only $1.50. But this sweet deal doesn’t come around often so before you grab your keys and run to the nearest location, make sure it’s the 31st of the month. To celebrate their 31 flavors, Baskin Robbins offers a scoop of ice cream on the 31st of each month (where there is a 31st) for a buck and a half.  There are only seven months in which we can enjoy this thrifty treat, January, March, May, July, August, October and December. You all know where to find me August 31st! Side note…the flavor of the month is Caramel Cream Puff, yumm!


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